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    20 Free hours per week for 3-5 year olds ...
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    Safe & Secure
    indoor and outdoor areas...
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    Love & Care
    Home away from home....
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    Play based learning outcomes.....

Our Features

Safe & Secure

The indoor and outdoor play area is safe and secure for the kids to play and learn.

Love & Care

A home away from home for your children.

Eating Habits

Encourage Healthy Eating Habits in Your Child. Introducing healty choices early is a great step in the right direction.

Social Skills

Help your child to interact with other kids in an positive manner, practice listening & communication through play and sharing.

Experienced Teachers

Our parents say, that our teachers are kind, loving towards the children, they pay individual attention, and are very passionate about giving their kids the best start in their learning journey.

Transition To School

We prepare our children for a smooth transaction to school by collaborating with the surrounding schools.

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What Our Parents Say

I have had 2 children go to West Harbour Christian Kindergarten and I have always found it to be a great little kindy!

I love the warm,nurturing environment it offers and the awesome team of teachers. My son (now 8) was a shy boy and struggled with other childcare centres but he settled into WHCK really well and soon came out of his shell. My daughter who is 4 and still at WHCK is a little social butterfly and loves it as much as my son did. She asks to go to kindy everyday!

I highly recommend West Harbour Christian Kindergarten to anyone!


“A Home away from Home”...

A place other than home where we know our son feels safe and is loved.

He enjoys everyday of his time spent at kindy. WHCK has a great atmosphere of learning.

The teachers and admin staff are wonderful and very passionate about giving their kids the best start in their learning journey.

Thank you WHCK for all the great work you do each day for our boy.


Three of my grandchildren have gone through West Harbour Christian Kindergarten, and I cannot express enough what a wonderful pre-school environment this has been for them. The teachers are kind, and loving towards the children, and they pay individual attention to them, which is heartwarming to see. I have witnessed my grandchildren grow into kind, sociable little people, and they have learned so much from this kindy. I was always impressed with how the teachers integrated Christian principles into the learning curriculum, and how they always managed to put together beautiful shows for special occasions.


Our Address


145 Moire Road, West Harbour Auckland, New Zealand

09 416 8091