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Our research confirms that so far three "Speedsonics" with reference ST 188.002 have been produced and delivered to the testing facility for qualification. We can only trace one Reference 11003 delivered model. However, there may have been more models produced for backup."

NASA requalified the manual-winding ST145.022 for the Space Shuttle Program despite the fact that three different watch models were delivered. It was a given that the automatic reference 11001 would be a good choice in space due to its lack of gravity. The ST188.0002, which was more advanced and seemed to be a better choice for space travel,Rolex Replica Watches was rejected because NASA did not know how a battery-powered watch would perform in orbit.

Petros says, "After a successful requalification of the Speedmaster Professional equipped with the radial-dial and enclosed within Star Watch Case Company cases -- actually, the first output successful from the "Alaska series of projects" -- the NASA program office received a batch 56 Speedmasters.

We know that more than 56 watches have been produced, as a result of a logical production step and to ensure a high-quality repair service. Although we do not have confirmation of the final production number,Richard Mille Replica Watches the "second batch" represents the extra production done to ensure that the watches could be serviced and delivered if necessary.

Rolex Submariner Replica Watches has sold the Speedsonic Reference ST 188.002 Alaska III ST 145.022 at recent auctions for US$187.500 (converted from the exact sale amount of CHF162,500).

The Alaska IV Prototype was introduced in 1979

1979 -- The Alaska IV Prototype and the Speedmaster Quartz powered with the 1621 quartz calibre had an innovative way to light up its LCD display, called the BETA system